Teen Style Tuesday- Turbo Turban

Hello, hello! I hope all of you had an amazing Thanksgiving! Mine was pretty low key, just my parents and I. We stayed home because our dog just had puppies and we couldn’t travel with them back home to AZ. But it was cool, the food was delish and the puppies opened their eyes over the weekend so I was pretty happy we stayed. I was given this turban recently and wasn’t sure exactly how to wear it. I’ve seen it in Teen Vogue but I didn’t know how it would look on me. Turns out, it looks so good! I love the navy and grey color combo, especially in these cooler months. And  the turban actually helped keep me warm! Grey is one of my favorite colors so any chance I can wear it year round, I will. Since it’s sweater weather, I dressed up my outfit a little by adding this super cute hig-low skirt. I wore this little number to my informal piano recital. The little skull embellishments on my flats give me some bling cuz I’m not all the into jewelry. Hope you guys are feeling the holiday spirit as much as I am! Have a great week!


photo (50)

photo (48)

photo (47)

photo (44)

photo (46)

turban- c/o Francesca’s, sweater- Abercromebie & Fitch, skirt- Aeropostle, flats- Rock & Republic

The Puppies!

The Puppies!

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