Teen Style Tuesday- Spring breakers!

Hello my friends!

I am so ready for spring break to hit! It starts off with my birthday so I am super stoked!!! I’m not traveling far this year but I’m planning a week of fun in the sun (Houston weather permitting). My girls and I are heading to the beach in Galveston one day and Schlitterbahn water park too! I’m also going to try and take a trip to the Sea World in San Antonio. I want to pack as much in as I can and spend as much time in the sunlight as possible! I love spring so much, all the blooming flowers, sunny days, and no school. Is it summer yet?…






sunnies- Target, tank- Abercrombie, crop tank- Q, shorts- H & M, shoes- TOMS

sunnies- Target, tank- Abercrombie, crop tank- Q, shorts- H & M, shoes- TOMS

3 thoughts on “Teen Style Tuesday- Spring breakers!

  1. Hi Taylor!

    I somehow stumbled across your blog while looking for reviews of TOMS this evening. I am looking at purchasing my very first pair! I have read all sorts of stories on various websites about TOMS making feet really sweaty so I have been hesitant to buy a pair myself. Has this been your experience with TOMS or are your feet always dry when you wear them?

    Fantastic website, by the way! You have a new fan!


    • Hey Sarah,
      So happy you found me! But I have been wearing TOMS for quite some time and honestly don’t usually have a problem. On days I know it’s going to be super humid, I’ll hit my insoles with a dash of baby powder and I’m go to go. They are super comfy so I definitely encourage you to get a pair. The cause can’t be beat as well. Thank you so much for reading! Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any other questions!

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