The long and short

Welcome back to the work week everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! I’m heading downtown this morning for some meetings and then hopefully catch a power lunch with an old friend. I try and schedule my appointments and meetings for the first few days of each week. I’m lucky to have a pretty good amount of control over my schedule so I tend to do what works best for me. Although, because of so many events in the evenings and on weekends, I do find myself working well over a typical 40 hour work week, it gets exhausting! This jewel toned outfit was inspired by the fickle weather. I’m still not used to the humidity here so after I popped on this long sleeved blouse, there was no way I could get on long pants too! I added my favorite pair of shorts and topped it with my tweed jacket. Business on the top. Have a wonderful week!






jacket- JCPenney, blouse- BCBG, shorts- g by Guess (old), flats- Forever 21

jacket (similar)- JCPenney, blouse- BCBG at Nordstrom Rack, shorts- G by Guess (old), flats- Forever 21

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