A Fashion Fiend // Lovely Blues with Ame & Lulu


I had the pleasure to participate in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence Central for Ame & Lulu. I received product samples to facilitate this review.

An avid golfer, Amye Kurson founded Ame & Lulu™ in 2003 after her frustration with the stuffy, monotonous look of traditional activewear reached critical levels. She hungered for stylish accessories she could boast both on and off the course.

From the original Golf Head Covers and bestselling Tennis Backpack to a vast assortment of everyday totes, bags, travel accessories and more, the Ame & Lulu collection embraces a classic, feminine approach to all things active. And as they love to say, getting dressed up is half the fun!

As a blogger I always find myself out all day and night, often unable to get ready at home before my next event. I usually resort to hauling my goodies around with me, which is always a huge hassle! Now, thanks to Ame & Lulu’s classic and colorful accessories tailored for the active lifestyle, pulling this off is a breeze! The Easy Tote is huge, fitting all the stuff I need while zipping around town. I used the smaller Essentials Insert for makeup, and the Keyhole Pouch fits business cards perfectly! This bag literally saved me from lugging around an unreasonable amount of smaller totes. And since these items feature an All-American sophistication, captured in meticulous detail, authentic materials, and high-quality construction, I am never at a loss for style!


Keyhole Pouch with business cards


Easy Tote, my bag of tricks: change of shoes, day planner, lotion, granola bar, pens, cards, goodies from shopping, and makeup

Featured in the classic blue Villa pattern, the Easy Tote, Essentials Insert, and Keyhole Pouch will pair well with any outfit. A Fashion Fiend readers are invited to use code love25 for 25% off of Ame & Lulu accessories!


Essentials Insert held make up for reapplying before my event. Photo ready!



Easy Tote: ℅ Ame & Lulu

Essentials Insert: ℅ Ame & Lulu

Keyhole Pouch: ℅ Ame & Lulu

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Use code love25 for 25% off Ame & Lulu accessories

Teen Style Tuesday- Turbo Turban

Hello, hello! I hope all of you had an amazing Thanksgiving! Mine was pretty low key, just my parents and I. We stayed home because our dog just had puppies and we couldn’t travel with them back home to AZ. But it was cool, the food was delish and the puppies opened their eyes over the weekend so I was pretty happy we stayed. I was given this turban recently and wasn’t sure exactly how to wear it. I’ve seen it in Teen Vogue but I didn’t know how it would look on me. Turns out, it looks so good! I love the navy and grey color combo, especially in these cooler months. And  the turban actually helped keep me warm! Grey is one of my favorite colors so any chance I can wear it year round, I will. Since it’s sweater weather, I dressed up my outfit a little by adding this super cute hig-low skirt. I wore this little number to my informal piano recital. The little skull embellishments on my flats give me some bling cuz I’m not all the into jewelry. Hope you guys are feeling the holiday spirit as much as I am! Have a great week!


photo (50)

photo (48)

photo (47)

photo (44)

photo (46)

turban- c/o Francesca’s, sweater- Abercromebie & Fitch, skirt- Aeropostle, flats- Rock & Republic

The Puppies!

The Puppies!

Teen Style Tuesday- I Heart You

Hey guys! Sweater weather has finally rolled into town and I’m loving it! Again because I refuse to be uncomfortable during the school day, this over sized top is so comfy. Its super soft too! I was rubbing my face with the sleeve all day.  My skinny jeans are also a closet go to and I always feel super cute in my boots! I just so happen to switch my case this weekend to the cutest pink, hearts one and it matched my sweater!

So since its fall, I’m debating dying my hair back to brown and giving my ombre a back seat til summer. What do ya think? Decisions, decisions.

photo (46)

photo (40)

photo (39)

photo (41)

photo (44)

photo (47)

sweater- Lauren Conrad, jeans- Abercrombie, boots- Sheik, necklace- Claire’s, iPhone case- kiosk @ The Grove L.A.



Teen Style Tuesday- A Little Sparkle

It rained the other morning so when I picked out my outfit for the day, I wanted a little bling to brighten my cloudy forecast. I love Abercrombie & Fitch tees cuz they are so freaking soft and comfortable. I really go to items that I can sit in class all day without feeling like I’m holding something in. Seriously, sucking in is THE WORST! The sequins on my tee adds a teensy bit of flair to liven up this classic T-shirt and jeans. Oh, and for you AWKWARD. fans- it premieres tonight.

You’re welcome.


photo (14)

photo (13)

photo (15)

**My bracelet is for my home ec baby- I had it he day of the shoot 😦

photo (12)

photo (11)

photo (16)

Tee- Ambercrombie & Fitch, Jeans- We Seal, Shoes- TOMS, Sunnies- c/o Yelp

Teen Style Tuesday- Welcome Taylor!!

Hey Fiends!! We are so excited to welcome the newest member to our style family, teen fashion blogger, Taylor!! Taylor is a middle school girl with a great sense of style and love of fashion. Her obsession for TOMS can only be surpassed by her love of denim, seriously the girl has a closet full 🙂 Her style is versatile, going from more formal to casual looks, like meet day dress to weekend wear. She definitely has the eye and creativity for fashion. We are so thrilled to have her!!

A message from Taylor:

Hey Hey!! I am so happy to be blogging for A Fashion Fiend! I have noticed that there are very few teen style blogs out there and wanted to share my personal style with you all. Most other teen bloggers are in high school and have a more mature sense of fashion. Being young, I can still mix and match A LOT of pieces, colors and styles in different ways without age holding me back! I love to hear any questions or comments so please feel free to leave me a note!