Phoenix Fashion Week: Night 1

Phoenix Fashion Week night One


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What we wore: Jadapa Dress- TJMaxx, Shoes- Michael KORS, Earrings-ALDO
A Fashion Fiend Dress- Urban Outfitters, Booties- ALDO, Clutch- Tory Burch


Brittany Dawn Brannon starting the show!


We quickly caught up with Joanna de’Shay of Black Russian Label to discuss her looks and what went into preparing for this event. Joanna was most excited about participating in Phoenix Fashion Week again. As the 2009 Emerging Designer winner, this half Nigerian, half Russian designer held nothing back. This 2013 collection made use of contrasting grays and blacks as well as wearable designs with leather and lace trims. Joanna used cultural inspirations for all over the globe. Joanna says”A Black Russian woman likes to be seen and wants her clothes to make a statement every time she enters a room.” -Black Russian label, redefining the face of fashion.

brl brl2


Black Russian Label designer, Joanna de’Shay

I also chatted with Sam Mascaro and Clary Jeffrey behind Loin Cloth LA as they excited the runway. The dudes said they were stoked about the show turn out and would do the designer bootcamp again in a heart beat. Their “where struggle meets success” line featured laid back Cali looks with style. The brand motto ” a penny and a plan” refers to how the boys got started with -$143 in the bank and a dream. You can really see the passion in the looks the guys created. The pocket details and floral prints are a huge hit with the brands’ followers. I asked the guys what was next for these two, Clary answered ” we go back to the grind.” These two guys’ dedication and hard work truly show in their amazing Summer 2013 collection. Thank you. Sam and Clary for taking this risk, you guys are awesome.

lc lc2 lc3 lc4 lc5 lc6


Sam and Clary. Co-founders, Loin Cloth LA

Phoenix Fashion Week 2013 highlights

Hi lovelies!! So happy to be back from traveling and blogging! I recently was in Arizona attending Phoenix Fashion Week with Jadapa and visiting with family. It was such an amazing experience to see the Emerging Designers of 2013, display their final pieces in a 3 night, runway extravaganza, ending with an amazing performance by our girl, international pop sensation, Yasmeen!

Our interviews with established designers: Joanna de’Shay of Black Russian Label, and Bri Seeley, emerging designers: Clary Ryan and Sam Mascaro of Loin Cloth LA, Herbert Victoria, Jai’re and Nekia Hattley of Jai’re International Couture and 2013 Emerging designer winner, Dolcessa are coming up so stay tuned!

Each night would start with 3-4 established designers hitting the runway with their upcoming seasons looks. Following a brief intermission, 4 Emerging Designers would showcase the designs that they have been working on since June! We have been following  the emerging designers over the summer and became very close with a few of them. Throughout this experience, we became a little family, it was so great seeing everyone and how much they have grown as artists and business people. We are so proud of all of them!

Special thanks to Brian Hill, Abbei Marquis, Lauren Pfingstag, Christina Ziegler, Brenna Moses, the Phoenix Fashion Week team and fellow blogger, Sheila Vertuno.

These are a few of our favorite looks from each night:

Black Rissian Label

Black Russian Label


Loin Cloth LA

Bri Seeley

Bri Seeley


Herbert Victoria


Jai’re International Couture


Rocky Gathercole, modeled by Joy Linton


A Fashion Fiend with PhxFW Host, Jackie Morales of 101.5jamz