Teen Style Tuesday // Homecoming

Hi guys! I have missed you all so much! This year has been so crazy already! Adjusting to high school has been harder that I thought! I am loving every minute of it though, and have even made some amazing new friends!

Last weekend was my HS Homecoming dance! I was asked by a good friend from last year a few weeks prior and was so thrilled to go! The day of the dance I did all of my primping before we had dinner with our huge group!! My bestie, Olivia’s date was my dates twin brother so you know we had a freaking blast! Talk about awesome times. Best dance so far this year! Hope you all are having a fab time in school as well! HS swim team practice starts today, wish me luck! Have a breezy week and enjoy the weather!









At the Dance!




Our new girlfriends! And some random photo bombing! LOL

Our new girlfriends!
And some random guy photo bombing! LOL

Another custom Dress ℅ A Fashion Fiend

Custom Dress ℅ A Fashion Fiend