A Fashion Fiend // Full Bloom

I added some floral into my usual mundane Monday routine. This matching outfit really brightened up my day. Custom women’s clothing line, eShakti, did an amazing job on these pieces, fits perfectly! Also, any piece with pockets is a hit in my book. Cheers to a good week.







top & skirt : ℅ eShakti

heels: Steve Madden

sunnies: ℅ A Mootz in Hawaii

bag( major score!): Buffalo Exchange

lipstick: MAC in Russian Red

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Product Review: Fysiko Lash Serum

I was asked by The Influster Team back in April if I would test a new lash serum. Considering I have very straight, short lashes that point down, I jumped at the chance to test a product that was designed to stimulate lash growth for longer, fuller lashes.

I received my tube in May and began using the product. The directions say to add serum to top lash line, on clean, dry lashes every night. You also have the option of putting it on before your mascara in the morning; you just have to wait 15 minutes after application for the serum to dry and then apply your mascara. I opted to only apply at night because I do not have enough time in the mornings or would just forget. I added application of the serum to my nightly routine: brush teeth, remove makeup, wash face, and apply the serum once my lashes were dry. I honestly did not see much of a change until this week.

As I enter week 11 of my 16-week product review, I am noticing fuller lashes! I have definitely seen an increase in the thickness of my lashes. Back in weeks 7 and 8, I experienced a small stye developing in my upper lash line. I work for an Optometrist and had him look at it. He told me to put a warm, moist washcloth on it and if it persists, to discontinue use of the product. Luckily, the stye went away and I am able to continue use of the serum.

Nothing dramatic yet, but I am seeing a difference, especially when I wear mascara. I am two weeks behind due to my eye problem, but I hope by week 16 of using the Fysiko Lash Serum, my lashes will be looking intense!


photo 1

photo (5)

photo (4)

Week 11

Week 11


Lashes curled, MAC eye shadow in Woodwinked, No mascara

Disclaimer: please note that products were given to me by The Influster Team, but the opinions expressed in this post are my own.